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Ramps and Lifts for Accessibility and Independence

Since 2009, Ramp It Up has provided wheelchair ramp and lift solutions for homeowners, renters, landlords, churches, and a host of commercial applications. For more information about the wheelchair ramp, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelchair_ramp.

Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp Wheelchair Scooter Carrier Trifold Portable Wheelchair Ramp Adjustable Aluminum Threshold Ramp Rubber Threshold Ramp Modulat Wheelchair Ramp System Inflatable Bathtub for Disabled Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift


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Wheelchair ramps are no longer required for this unbelievable new manual wheelchair that allows you to go down stairs just as they are. If you are interested in a complete wheelchair or just having these incredible wheels installed on your existing chair frame, tell us your preference using the “CONTACT US” tab above.

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Wheelchair Ramps vs. Wheelchair Lifts

An important difference between a ramp and a lift is the fact that a lift is a machine. A wheelchair lift, also known as a platform lift, is an electrically powered device that raises a wheel chair and its seated occupant in order to overcome one or more steps or vertical barrier by means of a hydraulic system. A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane that can be used for the same purpose. A ramp or lift can permit wheelchair users to more easily access a building. Either one can be a major benefit for the mobility challenged and may even seem like a requirement for daily living. The lift will probably cost more, but it still may be the best choice because of the amount of spaced required. A wheelchair ramp system may consist of approximately one foot of ramp for every inch of distance there is from the ground to the porch stoop or the bottom of the entry door, for example. If the entry door was in the garage, a ramp may take up too much space.

Wheelchair Ramp Systems

Ramps are usually made of steel, aluminum, or wood, but can be made out of concrete or other materials. They can be composed of various types of ramps, including straight modules, turning platforms, and threshold ramps. Even if you install a lift, you may still need a threshold ramp for completing a part of the wheelchair ramp path, like rising from the porch stoop to the bottom of the door.

Disabled Lifts

Handicap lifts are particularly beneficial for disabled people and are designed specifically to make it easier for those in a wheel chair or other mobility transport device to enter and exit the lift. They often have a specific function, such as raising a wheelchair and its rider from the sidewalk to the porch stoop. Good lifts can last for many years working effectively, if they are properly taken care of and built with all of the proper security systems installed. . The choice of the lift is based on the purpose. If you intend to use the lift outdoors, make sure that the material used is resistant to corrosion and other weather variations. New lifts in recent times are available in stylish models that add to the visual appeal of the space and gel with the architectural style. The vertical platform lift can be a great option for every home or business.

Benefits Offered by this Website

Use this site to purchase items that will make it easier for people who require mobility assistance to access homes or businesses, or otherwise change levels in their daily activities.

Permanent modifications can be made by using ramps or lifts.  Temporary assistance can be accomplished with the use of modular ramps and portable handicap ramps.  Threshold ramps make it easier to move through doorways.

 People with mobility challenges, including those wheelchair bound, can find other valuable items for improving the quality of their lives.  Scooter carriers serve those moving manual or power wheelchairs from place to place.  Folding suitcase ramps can aid with mobility and access once a wheelchair user has reached their new destination with their transported chair or walker.

In-bed showers, inflatable bathtubs and shower basins, as well as shampoo trays are more choices that can enhance independence.



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